Redwood City, CA
April 2 & 3, 2019

#PerfMatters 2019 Partner Kit

#PerfMatters Conference is a two-day, single-track conference devoted to front-end web performance

Here's how you can be a part of it.

#PerfMatters is a single track conference on web performance best practices and improving user experience across all devices and browsers. The conference has been designed with diversity and inclusion in mind from an accessible venue to ticket pricing and discounts, to a diverse speaker line up. Our goal is to deliver high quality content to a diverse audience with minimal barriers to participation.

Our ambitious program will cover topics including:

Venue: Our second annual event will be held at the Canada College Theater in the beautiful hills of Redwood City, half way between San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The venue is gorgeous, comfortable and accessible.

Sponsorship Levels

We are grateful for any support we receive. It is because of sponsors like you that we are able to make #PerfMatters Conference happen! All sponsors, regardless of the size of contribution, get:


Each sponsorship includes full passes to the full conference, including sessions and the party.

2 3 4
Tweets *

We will announce your sponsorship and provide at minimum the following number of tweets.

1 2 3 4
Logo Promo

All sponsorship levels include having, at minimum, your logo present on the website and a newsletter or email blast

Gift Bag

all sponsorship levels can include an item in the gift bag. Size of item depends on sponsorship level.


Gift item should be small and useful, like a sticker, pen, or key chain.

Stage Mention

You will be thanked for sponsoring the event directly from the stage


A space with a table and 2 chairs, along with 2 expo-center passes will be provided.

Speaker Dinner

Gold and Platinum level sponsorship includes an invite or two to the speaker dinner.

2 4
Teach Me Something

Between talks there will be 2 to 5-minute tutorial relevant to the majority of the participants. Platinum sponsorship includes one of these sessions, topic/speaker subject to approval.

Registration Option

One platinum level sponsor can staff the registration desk, providing the opportunity to interact with all attendees. This is also the only "booth" in the main theatre venue.

✔ **

There are two silver sponsorship levels: they are identical in all regards, execpt one comes with a booth and expo passes.

The booths are located in The Grove, a 50 second walk from the theatre. Coffee, snacks, lunch, and the party will all take place in The Grove. There are currently 7 booths available. Priority location will be based on sponsorship level, but all all booths are in a good location. Map of the venue and booths is available by request and subject to change.

To ensure this conference is as diverse, inclusive, and welcoming as possible for our attendees, we are strictly enforcing our code-of-conduct, which includes no "booth babes" and no "unisex" T-shirts. Aim for non-gendered schwag. We strongly encourage you to beta test all schwag and imagery ideas to people not in your demographic and to your HR department. If you're unsure, ask us.

For more information, email sponsors@perfmattersconf.com.

Attendees & Participants

Speakers—Speakers are listed on the home page and again will be on the talks page:

The Call for Presentations is still open. Additional speakers will be announced in late December.

Last year we received over 175 proposals representing over 80 corporations. Speakers in 2018 included

With a semi-blind* proposal reviewal process, we ended up with several surprises as we turned down talks from more famous developers in selecting what we think is a great, diverse (both topic and presenet-wise) line up. Submissions last year included (ask for the full list):

The full list of confirmed speakers will be posted on our home page. We are still at the open CFP phase.

Tickets have been priced in a manner to ensure that attendees from corporations large and small can attend. Discounts are being made available for attendees without corporate sponsorships, including students and freelancers. Everything is being done to ensure that barriers to entry are as minimal as possible, while ensuring the conference and content is not undervalued.

We've added an incredibly reasonably priced "Getting Up To Speed" workshop to ensure that no one feels intimidated or unqualified to attend the main conference.

Attendees — We anticipate 440 to 516 individuals interested in performance and front end user experience with roles ranging from performance focused engineers, engineering managers, directors and CTOs. Last year the following companies were in attendance:

Diversity — We are reaching a global audience and have talk proposals from Europe, Australia, Asia, North America, and Africa. We anticate speakers and attendees will stem from around the globe, with 50% of attendees from the west coast of the United States. Our goal is to have a gender and ethnicity distribution that is more diverse than the average engineering company in the Bay Area.

Atmosphere — The venue is gorgeous, comfortable, and accessible. You'll note from the speaker offerings, we treat everyone well. We aim to make an affordable, fun, luxurious experience conducive to learning and networking.

Other Support Opportunities

There are many other sponsorship opportunities which we've listed below. If you would like to cosponsor with another organization, that is doable. Other than the registration desk, all of these sponsorship opportunities are at-cost which is the program cost for the organization. The registration option does require your staff be present. The other options do not.

Opportunity Sponsorship Level Description
Registration Platinum Only offered to one Platinum sponsor, your people can staff the registration desk, providing the opportunity to interact with all attendees. There are no vendors / sponsor tables within the main venue other than the registration desk. We will provide additional staff to help support the registration desk, to handle any registration issues that may arise. But, otherwise, your team will be the only "booth" in the main theatre venue. This goes to the first platinum sponsor interested in this option at no extra charge.
t-shirts Gold + As unisex T-shirts don't exist, t-shirts for distribution should come in both fit and relaxed cuts. We will provide you with attendee sizing as close to the event date as possible. If you are a gold or platinum sponsor, we will didtribute these at no extra charge, or you can distribute them at a booth if you choose to have one.
Speaker Dinner Gold The price depends on the number of speakers and guests, but is estimated to be at about $90 per person.
Bags Silver + If you're sponsoring at the silver level or higher, the conference bag can include your logo. Reusable bags are always a hit with attendees, and sponsoring the bag means your brand will be seen over and over again when practicality is a must. We'll create a themed design, add your logo, and take care of all the production details! We will didtribute these at registration.
Speaker Gifts Silver + If you would like to offer the speakers a gift, you'll need to pass the idea thru the organizers, and provide 28 of whatever it is you would like to offer.
Umbrellas Silver + We like useful schwag. If you're sponsoring at the silver level or higher, you might want to sponsor an umbrella for all the attendees. That way you don't have to worry about sizes. You can either order these yourselves, or we can order them for you, and include them at registration along with any other schwag. We will didtribute these at registration.
Water Bottles Silver We are looking for an organization to sponsor the water bottles and the water service. To be friendlier to the environment, we would like to provide all attendees with a water bottle upon registration to be used throughout the conference. We will didtribute these at registration.We provide fruit infused and plain water in 5-gallon dispensers throughout the venue
Party Silver + We are still waiting for a quote from the caterer, so are not sure of the cost of the party, but that quote will be partially up to you! We are hosting a conference party from 5:30 to 9:30 on Tuesday, directly after the first day's sessions, in The Grove. We'll work together to negotiate a good budget while making the event classy, fun, and memorable. The sample menus we have looked at are $8/person to $15/person depending on the options.
Coffee Any Sponsor coffee and tea. We're still waiting on a quote, but my guesstimate is $900 for the two days.

Ice Cream "Make your own Sundae"

Any Snacks are awesome. And awesome snacks bring people to the expo hall. If you're a sponsor, consider also sponsoring a mid-day ice cream social. This will be at cost. There will be chocolate and vanilla ice cream, with a bunch of toppings. Real fruit popsicles will be available for those who are vegan or otherwise don't eat dairy.
Lunch Any Lunch on the first day is a sandwich or salad, along with fruit salad, chips and a cookie. On the second day we're having wraps or salad, along with fruit salad, chips and a cookie. You can sponsor one or both lunches. If you sponsor, you can upgrade to a better lunch if you so choose, but that is the current option. I am still waiting on a quote, but the estimate is $5,400 per day.
Drinks Gold If you want to sponsor the drinks for the party, that would be lovely. The cost includes the drinks, servers, and the required security details costs. Drinks include red wine, white wine, beer, bottles of Mexican Coke, water, and two specialty drinks. We are still negotiating the costs, but it will be at cost: we are purchasing the drinks directly, so it's at cost drinks plus the serving staff, glasses, and security detail. We assume a cost of $3,500.
Diversity Ticket Any Want to sponsor tickets for someone who otherwise couldn't afford to attend, you can sponsor their ticket (at the discounted bulk rate). If you would like to offer airfare and hotel/AirBnB, you will get huge karma points in addition to recognition.
Close Captioning Any We would love to offer captioning to improve accessibility for everyone. We're assuming a budget of $4,000 for this feature
Streaming / Recording Any We are looking for a sponsor to provide live streaming of the event and produce videos of the recording. Your logo will be on YouTube and our conference website forever. . We're assuming a budget of $4,000 for this feature
Sign Language Interpreter Any We are not sure if we need ASL interpreters yet, but will provide it if needed.
Green Room Any We would like to provide a green room for the speakers. The cost is $1,600 for the room rental plus $200 for snacks
Child Care Any We would like to provide child care to those needing it.
Bus Service Any We would like to provide bus service from downtown Redwood City's CalTrain Station to the venue and back.

If you think of something we're missing, let us know.

Brought to you by STANDARDISTA

Jem YoungEstelle Weyl, Author
Mobile HTML5 & CSS Definitive Guide

This conference is being organized by Standardista, with efforts led by Estelle Weyl. Estelle has organized several conferences, and has attended over 150. . She organizes the SF Web Performance Group, the Seattle Web Performance Group, and organized the Confident Coding conference series.

Estelle knows what makes a good conference. She has attention to detail. She's a goofy extrovert. And, she is a front end developer and performance evangelist, so knows the content and has the connections to ensure this is a smoothly run, interesting, educational, fun, and memorable event for sponsors, speakers and attendees alike.